Extreme cold weather this winter will impact electricity bills



Extreme cold weather this winter will impact electricity bills
ollus PowerStream says customers can take some action now to minimize expected increases

COLLINGWOOD, ON – February 23, 2015 – The extreme cold weather this winter is expected to impact electricity bills but Collus PowerStream is advising its customers that there are some simple measures they can take now to reduce their consumption and thereby minimize any increases.

This past month has been one of the coldest on record for most of Ontario and the below average temperatures for this time of year are expected to continue through the week. Furnaces have been operating overtime in order to compensate for the frigid weather, which will more than likely translate in an increase in electricity bills, especially for those customers who use electric heat.

Collus PowerStream is recommending customers take the following measures as a means to reduce their electricity consumption resulting from the cold weather:

• Open the blinds on the south side of your home during sunny days, but keep the blinds closed on cloudy days and at night.

• Use a programmable thermostat and set it to 20°C when you're at home and 18°C when sleeping or away.

• Turn off non-essential lights, appliances, electronics and other equipment

• Postpone, whenever possible, using electric appliances such as dishwashers, dryers and cooking equipment during on-peak or mid-peak price periods.

• Check to see that weather-stripping around your doors, fireplace dampers and attic hatches are in place and intact.

• Check your furnace filter and replace immediately if needed.

• Keep supply and return air vents clear of furniture and appliances so your furnace can work more efficiently.

The company is also encouraging customers to visit its website at www.colluspowerstream.ca for more information on energy conservation.


• The Weather Network has reported that this winter ranks as one of the top-five coldest winters for many regions in Canada.

• Meteorologists say the cold is due to a temporary, but lengthy shift in the jet stream that’s drawing Arctic air from Siberia and the North West Territories down over Central and Eastern Canada.

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