Collus PowerStream

Vision Mission & Values


Together, we will grow, maximize opportunities and exceed customer and shareholder expectations.


Our business provides people with the energy for success, and with the necessities of life.


We value the entrepreneurial spirit to responsibly and decisively challenge the conventional.

Trust - Building & Maintaining Customer Confidence

  • We value a work environment based on public accountability, customer satisfaction, respect and giving back to the community;
  • When problems arise, they are dealt with quickly, professionally and courteously;
  • Citizens recognize our community relationship and responsiveness as key values of local ownership;
  • We operate in an environment of openness and transparency while protecting our customers' confidentiality.

Responsibility - Committed to Service Quality, Reliability & Conservation

  • We value prudent and responsible financial management;
  • We value a high standard of environmental excellence;
  • We value superior health and safety standards and practices;
  • We value our obligation to protect our customers and staff by exceeding the highest standards of training for our employees.

Sustainability - Environmental, Economic, Social & Cultural

  • We value sustainable community planning;
  • We value the gold standard of environmental excellence;
  • We value the four pillars of sustainability; environmental, Economic, Social & Cultural;
  • We value a sustainable Regional approach.

People - Strong Relationships & Pride Make a Difference

  • We value our employees as our most important asset and celebrate their accomplishments;
  • We listen, and we respond in the best manner we can;
  • We treat people with dignity, fairness and respect;
  • We value individual and organizational accountability;
  • We value timely, effective, honest, and open communication throughout the organization, with our stakeholders.

Partnerships & Collaboration - Leveraging & Sharing Resources

  • We value integrated solutions that eliminate duplication and improve efficiency and effectiveness;
  • We value peer and industry partnerships and the opportunity to improve cost and service levels in our community and the communities we serve.

Continuous Improvement - Business Processes & Technology That Delivers Results

  • We embrace the opportunity of legislative & regulatory reform and the need to stay one step ahead.
  • We strive to remain at the leading edge of technology.