Collus PowerStream

Tree Trimming & Removal


Collus PowerStream is dedicated to bringing customers the most reliable and efficient electrical service available. One way we accomplish this is by integrating a tree trimming initiative into our summer operations.
Collus PowerStream’s tree trimming initiative is intended to help protect the public, protect property and maintain electric reliability around our overhead distribution infrastructure.  We must continually manage trees that are located near power lines and pruned them on a regular cycle. This tree trimming maintains a safe clearance from the power lines to allow for growth until the trees are trimmed during the next cycle.
Many service outages and interruptions are caused by tree limbs falling into power lines, causing damage to wires, short circuits and other problems. This danger can be avoided by not planting tall trees under or near electric wires, and by routine tree trimming.

How You Can Help

Customers can help by ensuring trees of the right type and size are planted near power lines. Seek permanent solutions, and try to avoid hazards by placing the right tree in the right spot. Do not plant trees near electrical lines; or plant low-growing trees or vegetation. The guidelines given in this diagram aim to reduce sprouting, reduce the working time in a tree for the tree worker, increase the time between pruning cycles, and help the trees planted near lines to be healthy, safe and as attractive as possible.
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Ted Burrell:
Ted Burrell,
Manager of Hydro Services
Phone – 705-445-1800 x 2286