Collus PowerStream

Smart Meters and Time Of Use Pricing

What is a Smart Meter?

Time of Use Rates at Work
Today’s metering technology accurately measures the amount of electricity consumed over an entire billing period. Meters are read electronically and transmit the values directly into the billing system, which compares the value against the previous reading to establish the amount consumed. New metering technology will actually record consumption in hourly increments and remotely send the information back to a computer system. This separates the hourly data into three groups of time-of-use (TOU) periods. It’s not really the meter that is "smart”, but rather the customers, who can make smart decisions about when you choose to use your electricity based on the price time-of-use.

A Smart Meter:

  • Uses solid state meter technology;
  • Records a location's use of electricity every hour;
  • Remotely sends the recordings to Collus PowerStream;
  • Provides the ability to match consumption to time-of-use rate periods.

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