Collus PowerStream

Our History


Historical Substation

Collingwood Water Works was established in 1889. On January 6, 1908, the introduction of Electricity created the Collingwood Water & Light Commission. This was changed to Collingwood Public Utilities Commission on July 24, 1912.

In November 2000, water operations continued as Collingwood Public Utilities Commission, and electricity operations changed to Collingwood Utility Services Corp (COLLUS Power), to differentiate Water from Electricity. The following July, Collus Power purchased the Hydro assets of Thornbury, Stayner and Creemore. This is the distribution area that we still service today.
On July 31, 2012, PowerStream purchased a 50% interest in Collingwood Utility Service Corp. from the Town of Collingwood. In addition to the Town of Collingwood receiving proceeds from the sale, Collus Power – later rebranded as Collus PowerStream - secured services from PowerStream. Shared service agreements, enhanced service to customers by combining our local operational approach with the resources available through a regional utility. This was the goal behind the strategic partnership.