Collus PowerStream

General Contractor Information

Information has been provided in our document, General Contractor requirements and Material Specifications for Municipal Subdivisions, available as a PDF file, below.

A Lineman working in an extended bucket

Table of Contents (You can download the full text of this document below.)
1.0 Contractor Approval
2.0 Inspection
3.0 Inspection Costs
4.0 Cable Termination & Testing
5.0 Material Specifications
5.1 Secondary Cables
5.2 Primary Cables – Main Express Feeders (3-Phase)
5.3 Primary Cables – Local Feeders (Single Phase)
5.4 Conduit Specifications for Primary Cables
5.5 Cable Fault Current Indicators
5.6 Transformers – Single Phase
5.7 Transformers – Three phase
5.8 Primary Switching Cubicle (Pad-mounted)
Approved Meter Socket List